AAA, Billing, PCRF and EPC core reseller

and Hotspot service provider from Canada

Spotngo offers integrated Billing, AAA and PCRF solfutions from Aradial Technologies as well LTE EPC Core from Neragon. Spotngo is also a network and hotspot software provider of wireless hotspots, offering freedom and flexibility to connect to the internet at hotspot locations near you. Our goal is to provide our customers with an affordable and convenient internet access. A Spotngo wireless network requires no strings or wires attached, simply open your internet browser on a WiFi enabled computer at a Spotngo location and enjoy high speed wireless internet.

Spotngo offers Aradial and Neragon products:
  • Aradial Billing - fully-featured Billing system with CRM, AAA and PCRF
  • Aradial PCRF - Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF)
  • Aradial AAA - RADIUS server and/or Diameter server
  • Aradial Enforcer and Spotngo payment system - Prepaid system with AAA
  • Aradial LTE HSS
  • Neragon EPC Core

Spotngo Hotspot/Wifi

Spotngo Enforer a special Hotspot Billing Software, includes RADIUS, captive portal, point of sale for WISP/Hotels/Internet Cafe...

Spotngo Billing

Spotngo Billing system with Subscription billing, WISP/ISP Billing, Wifi/Hotspot Billing.

Radius server and Diameter Server

Spotngo AAA - Radius server and Diameter Server for internet service providers.

4G/5G EPC core

Spotngo EPC core and 5G core including HSS, PGW, MME and all that is needed to setup 4G and 5G network. It is pre-integrated with Spotngo Billing.